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SEAT Fleet Servicing: Fleet Service Partners

Time/Distance Service Regime:

For Business users, SEAT offer two different types of service plans, depending on your requirements.

The first, the Time/Distance Service Regime is based on a high mileage principle of an oil change service at 10,000 miles, and an inspection service every 12 months or 20,000miles.

  • Based on a 10,000 miles oil change and 12 months inspection service
  • Additional service operations based on style of driving
  • Cam belts are replaced on a four year basis

The Longlife Service Regime makes it possible for fleet operators to reduce the whole-life costs of your SEAT. The plan works with you in accordance with how much and where the individual uses their car, meaning longer service intervals, meaning lower maintenance costs!

  • On board sensors monitor the condition of temperature, and oil degradation.
  • Brake pad wear and battery condition are also monitored.
  • The car’s on-board computer calculates its own service intervals, based on the information it assesses.
  • Provides you with abundant warning of when a service is due, via a ‘Distance to Service’ display
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